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Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, uninspired or perhaps "all over the place” when it comes to creating the brand, career, team and/or business you want?
Register TODAY for our personalized Intensive Coaching Program!

























Chauntel CAN HELP YOU discover and strategically map out THE BEST NEXT STEPS TO living your most powHERful and fulfilling PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE!

If you’re a woman who desires individual 1-on-1 attention and you’re serious about transforming your life and business, then you’re ready to start PowHER Planning via our DiscovHER U Intensive Program! As a coach and business strategist, Chauntel teaches women how to create their ideal lives in the areas of personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. The value of this intense and accelerated private coaching is being able to receive personalized and customized guidance and advice for YOUR specific desires, professional goals and personal challenges.


  • Gain clarity on your goals for your life and business

  • Increasing your confidence so you can start playing a bigger game in your business and life

  • Designing and prioritzing your weekly schedule in an effort to manage your time better and be more productive

  • Refining your branding and messaging so that you can begin to build your tribe

  • Direction and insight on how to set up your website, social media pages, blog, Leadpage, email list

  • DiscovHERing your signature product, service, program or package that you should be leading with in this season

  • Creating an effective daily content creation strategy that will attract ideal clients to your business

  • Partnership on a simple marketing and sales strategy for getting your first or next client in the next 30 days

  • mapping out a 90-day plan that you can implement with ease

  • …and more – these are just examples; this is YOUR time, and you may customize it however you like!


  • Spaces are limited and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If this is for you, register today so you can get the best time and dates that work for your life!

  • In the program you will get 3 60-minute sessions conducted via video conferencing or in person if you are local to our offices.

  • Chauntel will prepare for you prior to your session. Upon registration, you’ll receive a copy of Chauntel's PowHER Playbook to guide you during the sessions and act as a continued resource once they've concluded. Below is your investment to complete the program! This is a 100% investment in YOU and I promise you that your dreams are worth this and then some.


Are you ready to sign up; or not quite sure if that intensive of a program is right or necessary for YOU?

Either way, click the link below to schedule a FREE 10 minute needs assessment NOW! We are here to support, uplift, and empowHER you in making the right decision, for your life, time, and budget…no matter what! 


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