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Thank you so much for connecting with our website. I am such a passionate believer in the powHER of connections. The word connect is defined as: to join two or more things together; to join with or become joined to something else; to think of something or someone as being related. As women we are all connected! We are connected through our beauty, words, experiences, hearts, and purpose! We are all InfluencHERS and LeadHERs. We are also StrongHER and of course more PowHERful than we may even realize! This network was created for every woman. I believe it is through our connections with ideas, people, tools, and resources that we can all reach our full potential and fulfill our highest destiny! I am humbled to be the moderatHER, facilitatHER, & "ConnectHER" along this journey! Thank you for joining! Invite some other women to become InvestHERS in themselves and the village of sisters around them.

A little bit more about me...


I have 20 plus years of successful experience as a leadHER, speakHER, brand buildHER, and entrepreneur mostly in the fortune 500 space. My client roster has included some of the worlds most well known brands, companies, and entertainers. One of which is pictured to the left. One day I woke up 40 years old, very well paid, working for a great company, and yet completely unfulfilled. So, I did what any of us would do; quit my 6 figure job, created this website, crossed my fingers and JUMPED! Well, maybe not any of us; and there actually were a lot more steps to that story (follow me on Facebook, (I go live almost daily), or come to an upcoming event, or schedule a private coaching session to learn more about that).

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL; and currently reside in Milwaukee, WI with my wonderful husband Wesley and our four beautiful children that I have aptly branded "The Four Heartbeats".  I believe that we all are born with an individual purpose and all of our purposes are connected in some way, shape, or form. Therefore our life's journey is not about creating our purpose; but discovering it and then using it to impact the world! I look forward to connecting with you soon. The links to my personal social media pages are below!


Chauntel McKenzie


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