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The PowHER Network was founded under one simple yet powerful belief. The belief that powHERful things happen when women support other women.  Our mission is to inspire and equip women to reach their full potential in every area of life. We do this by sharing value added information, resources, and event based networking opportunities. We are a national network of women that support and build one another up through conversations, sharing, and regularly scheduled gatherings in a city near you.


The PowHER Network is dedicated to improving the way women as a whole view themselves; and interact and support one another.  We are focused on spreading a powHERful movement of sisterhood throughout the globe one woman, one city, one event, one interaction at a time. Thank you for taking time to check out the site. Please click the links to connect with us via our social media pages. This will ensure you receive the most up to date information on events, happenings, and networking opportunities. Alone each one of us can accomplish something good, but our greatest accomplishments are done through our connections. Join us! Connect! Invite others!




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